All New BobcatNation Photogallery!!!!

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All New BobcatNation Photogallery!!!!

Post by kmax » Wed Sep 06, 2006 10:42 am

Alright, I know what everyone is thinking, wow a Site Announcements post, you mean those guys actually do something around here besides yell at people for posting smack on the wrong boards? Well, I managed to get something (almost) done, so just back off will ya! ;) (and yes I am kidding)

Announcing the new and improved and almost complete BobcatNation Photo Gallery! You can view the new gallery at" onclick=";return false;

You will notice that there are not yet any pictures in the 04-05 seasona album and 05-06 albums, this would be the almost finished part. I will be getting those pictures moved into the new gallery as soon as possible and then the old gallery will go the way of the Dodo.

Some nice new features of the new gallery:

-- Slideshow viewer, automatically goes through all pictures in an album or all sub albums. Can be done at various sizes and timings.

-- Much easier to get photos uploaded to the gallery, so you will get to see them sooner. For people who often have photos to upload, I can get them set up with access to upload their own photos.

-- On all but the Jay Thane albums, you can now add albums or individual pictures to the "Shopping Cart" and then download them all as a zip file, send them to for printing, or send them to for printing.

There are other things, but the biggest is that this means pictures will be up and available sooner and we will likely have more available for our members.

Hope everyone enjoys the new gallery and let me know if you have any suggestions or questions. I will get the old pictures up as soon as possible (and there are some that have never before been posted, like 06 Cat/Griz pics!).

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