A Success!

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A Success!

Post by mslacat » Wed Mar 31, 2004 3:34 pm

Boy guy you really have to be congradulated on the site. 95 registered users and 286 posts in just over two days. Pat yourselves on the back. It is great start and look forward to any additions you maybe thinking of.

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Post by kmax » Wed Mar 31, 2004 3:41 pm

Thanks mslacat, I was thinking the same thing earlier, it couldn't have gone much better. Thanks to everyone who has joined and already made this message board an excellent place to be.

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Post by CatfaninGA » Thu Apr 01, 2004 4:22 pm

I frequent many of these sites, watch out this thing is about to explode!


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Post by hoags11 » Fri Apr 02, 2004 12:18 pm

This site is a great place to share all of our memories blurred or not about time spent with bozeman athletics. And the member list!!! Grows everyday.

Well done and lots of FUN


Post by Guest » Mon Apr 05, 2004 9:57 pm

I echo the sentiments of the other posters. Great job to rtb, BAC, and kmax!! This site is looking great and I for one appreciate all the hard work that you all put into creating this site!

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