Login Problems---PLEASE READ!

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Login Problems---PLEASE READ!

Post by kmax » Wed Jan 18, 2006 8:31 am

In the last week I have had several users mention that they are having problems with various things on the board, mostly dealing with logins, staying logged in and getting new posts to appear properly. After trying some things with a couple different users that didn't work I started digging some more and found the problem. Some of the settings for the cookie that is used by the board were incorrect and could cause these random problems. I have repaired these issues, however unfortunately it also requires a bit of action on the part of you the user also to ensure your browser has the proper cookie stored. So, if you are visiting the BobcatNation forums from a computer which has logged into the Bobcatnation forums previously please follow the following steps to clear your cookies and cache and allow you to use the boards again without issues.

** NOTE: If you view BobcatNation as a guest(i.e. don't log in) or if you have never viewed or logged in on a particular computer you don't not need to perform these steps.

For Internet Explorer users:
1. In Internet Explorer go to the 'Tools' menu and select 'Internet Options'
2. In the 'Internet Options' dialog go to the 'General' Tab
3. Click the button in the middle of that tab that says 'Delete Cookies...' then click 'OK' to confirm (note this may take a few seconds to complete)
4. Click the button that says 'Delete Files...'
5. In the 'Delete Files' dialog check the box that is labeled 'Delete all offline content' then click 'OK' (note this could take up to a couple minutes to complete)
6. Once it completes, click 'OK' in the 'Internet Options' dialog
7. Reload the Bobcatnation boards and try to log in

For Firefox users(ver. 1.5, sorry I don't have older versions available):
1. In Firefox go to the 'Tools' menu and select 'Options'
2. In the 'Options' dialog, click the 'Privacy' icon at the top
3. Click on the tab labeled 'Cookies'
4. Click the button labeled 'Clear Cookies Now' (note this may take a few seconds to complete)
5. Click the button labeled 'Cache'
6. Click the button labeled 'Clear Cache Now' (note this could take up to a couple minutes to complete)
7. Once it completes, click 'OK' in the 'Options' dialog
8. Reload the Bobcatnation boards and try to log in

For users of any older version of Firefox or users of other web browsers, I apologize as I do not have installations of these to be able to give complete instructions. For most browsers they will be similar to the ones above, but if you cannot find it send me an email and I will try to help you out.

Sorry for the inconvenience to everyone, but hopefully this will resolve all of these issues. If anyone is still having trouble after following these steps, please let me know via email ( kevin@bobcatnation.com ) or private message.

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