Site and Board issues

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Site and Board issues

Post by kmax » Thu Sep 22, 2005 12:45 pm

My apologies to everyone for all the problems this morning with the board and the site.

The good news is that BobcatNation is growing so much that we were reaching the limits for the server we were on with our host. In talking with the host the decided to move us to a new server with more capacity and assured me this would be virtually seamless.

For anyone that tried to come on here around 10:35-10:45 MDT, you probably got a 404 error or a directory listing. That was when the move occurred, and things came back up without issue. Or so I thought. For anybody who had visited the site in the few hours prior to the move, would have likely had the location of the old site cached by their ISP and therefore were routed to the old site instead of the new one. When I realized this, I also found that many were posting on the old board, so to ensure we didn't lose a bunch of posts I disabled the board on the old site, many of you probably saw the board disabled message. With the help of the host, all of the posts that had been put on the old board following the move were moved over to this one. If you are now reading this message, obviously you are correctly being routed to the new board and we shouldn't have any further problems.

Again, my apologies for the inconvenience and if you see any further issues on this site please let me know.

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