New ticket exchange board policy

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New ticket exchange board policy

Post by SonomaCat » Tue Oct 02, 2007 11:11 am

We've noticed that our Bobcat Athletics board is getting a little cluttered lately, and in order to make sure that our board is as user-friendly as possible, we are going to make some minor changes with regards to the ticket exchange threads.

First, we will still maintain just one ticket exchange thread. Any duplicates will be deleted.

Second, the ticket exchange thread will be located on the Bobcat Connections board. This is the board we designed for uses such as this, so we will start to use it as it was designed for tickets as well.

Third, we will not allow anyone to list any tickets for sale in excess of face value (plus handling fees paid). We haven't noticed anyone who would have run afoul of this rule yet, but as the season progresses and Bobcat excitement continues to grow, we can see this sort of scenario starting to sprout, so we want to head it off before it happens. If you notice anyone trying to scalp tickets using this site, please let us know.


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