The return of the BobcatNation Tailgating Map!!!!

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The return of the BobcatNation Tailgating Map!!!!

Post by kmax » Thu Sep 13, 2007 10:31 am

Okay, so it is least well enough to be useful so I wanted to get this up before it got any later in the week.

For those of you new to BobcatNation, the tailgate map is an interactive map in which those who wish may place a marker for their tailgate and include info on how to find them and what kinds of food, drink, games, etc. can be found there. Other visitors viewing the map will see the markers and can click on them to see your information, hopefully facilitating many happy BobcatNation meetings and reunions in the process (I wonder if we could get that annoying old guy from eHarmony to do an ad for us? :-k).

So where can you find such a wonderful little gem to complete your tailgating experience? Just click this link:" onclick=";return false; ... te_map.php and you will be magically whisked away to the map.

I have left all of the markers from last year on the map, if you or someone you know has a marker that is incorrect or they aren't going to be there any longer have them either update or delete it please.

A few notes for users of the tailgate map:
(For viewing the map)
-- Placing your mouse over a bobcat flag will show the message board name of the person tailgating there.
-- Clicking on a bobcat flag will bring up a balloon with the info about how to identify their tailgate and what can be found there.
-- In some versions of IE it appears this balloon is displaying with some lines, though it should still be readable. Please let me know if you see this problem and it keeps you from being able to read anything.

(For editing your marker)
-- You will need to be logged into the mesageboard in order to edit your marker.
-- When logged into the messageboard you will need to double click on your flag in order to get the info balloon appear.
-- In the info balloon for your marker, you will see a third tab called "Edit." Clicking this will give you the options of editing the info shown in the first two tabs or deleting your marker altogether.
-- When editing your info, both questions require some input in the field, otherwise it will not update.
-- To change the location of your marker, simply click and drag your bobcat flag to a new location.

(For adding a new marker)
-- If you have never had a marker, you will need to request access to add your marker. You can do this by either sending me an email or a PM.
-- You must be logged into the message board to add your marker.
-- Once you have access to add a marker, simple click on the map in the location that you would like to place it. You will be asked two questions to fill the information for your marker, both are required.
-- Once your marker has been placed, see above for info on editing it.

If there are any other questions or problems please get in touch with me. Hope to see you all out there Saturday!

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