Final Four Predictions

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Who will be the NCAA Men's Basketball National Champs?

Poll ended at Tue Apr 06, 2004 1:01 pm

Georgia Tech
Oklahoma State
Total votes: 8

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Final Four Predictions

Post by kmax » Thu Apr 01, 2004 1:01 pm

So to try and spark a bit of conversation here, what is everybody predicting for the final four this weekend? Anybody got a good shot at taking their bracket pool still? I have Duke winning in one but the rest of my bracket was pretty well shot after the first weekend.

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Post by rtb » Thu Apr 01, 2004 1:49 pm


I have a shot, the left hand side I have both Georgia Tech and Ok State, the other side....well it is a mess. If Georgia Tech wins it all I win quite a few pools so that would be great! Being a UNC fan I hope Duke gets beat and the UConn forgets to show up for the final.

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Post by CARDIAC_CATS » Thu Apr 01, 2004 2:01 pm

I have 3 of the final 4 with OK STATE winning it. If they win, I win our company pool! Give me 2 wins OK STATE! DOWN WITH DUKE!

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Post by MSU01 » Thu Apr 01, 2004 3:48 pm

I win my pool if UConn wins it all... surprisingly I was the only one to pick them to win the whole thing. The left side of my bracket was not good, although I did pick Ok St and GT to both get to the Elite 8 (but not the Final 4). UConn has looked awfully good so far.

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Post by CatfaninGA » Thu Apr 01, 2004 4:21 pm

I think it would be very fitting if OK State ended up winning the NC. Just remember a few short years ago they lost about 8 players/coaches in a plane crash returning from a game in a snow storm.


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