An advantage of/disadvantage of weights question

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An advantage of/disadvantage of weights question

Post by RickRund » Sat Apr 20, 2019 2:11 pm

I am on a NY YANKEE site. Yes a YANKEE Fan and have been since 1951...

They have been hit with a rash of injuries this season. I have asked a couple of times what the heck is up. A couple of posts have said too much weight training. I am dubious regarding this. Granted weight training can shorten muscles IF done improperly but with training staffs as educated as they should be this answer seems to be a stretch. Shoulders, obliques, elbows, tightness, etc... Some of my thinking is players don't want to push any limits so any discomfort and it is the o!d "listen to your body" train of tbought.

Just curious for some thoughts from those MUCH MORE up on this than I???

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