Just wait, it'll trickle down

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Re: Just wait, it'll trickle down

Post by codecat » Wed Jan 06, 2021 11:09 am

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Tue Dec 22, 2020 8:20 pm
This is a bad thing?

If it is government induced, forced on them by government policies you're darned right it's bad.
Ya, I've never understood the mindset of people that think it's a good, sustainable idea to take money from people that work hard for it and give it to people who don't want to work. Please don't confuse this with welfare, or providing for people that are unable to work because yes these things are absolutely necessary as well. I literally had this conversation with a co worker and she flat out told me she thought everyone should get paid the same regardless of how good they were at their job, or how hard they were willing to work.
[b]Well your co-worker is certainly wrong, but people that think monopolies are good need a history lesson. [/b] It's simply bad for a country to have too much of its money tied up by a small percentage of its citizens. There's no reason for people working at places like WalMart to be on welfare.
I never thought that I would agree with you but monopolies are not good an any form of economic system. It puzzles me though why you would promote socialism so feverishly, when socialism by its definition places control of the means of production and distribution in the hands of one entity - the State.

Any of various theories or systems of social organization in which the means of producing and distributing goods is owned collectively or by a centralized government that often plans and controls the economy.
Are those in any central government a better class of human being and immune from greed, sloth, or hunger for power hunger? Unfortunately for most every country that has tried socialism, the flaw in Marxist theory is ignores this elements of human greed and sloth, these dynamics apply to the so called "Democratic Socialism" as well. A good look at the history, that you mention, where socialism has been tried should shed some light on the failures or socialism.

This is a list of the most well known countries that tried socialism: The Communist USSR (i.e. Soviet Union), Communist Cuba, and Communist China, Cambodia, East Germany, Ethiopia, North Korea, Poland, Romania, and Venezuela.

THESE Are the Most Telling Failures of Socialism
https://www.heritage.org/progressivism/ ... -socialism

These countries trial is not too well known as the fact that they rejected socialism has been neatly avoided by history in our schools (Isreal, India, and the United Kingdom). You can find many sources about the trials of these three (not using a google search engine), as well as list of countries that have tried this failed ideology that never dies.
Three Nations That Tried Socialism and Rejected It
https://www.heritage.org/progressivism/ ... ejected-it

We could add one more country that tried and rejected socialism...
The fact that it has been tried and failed in America before should perk your interest as it tells just how it failed and what rescued them]Socialism Failed Miserably For The American Pilgrims, Just Like It Does Everywhere
https://thefederalist.com/2020/11/24/so ... verywhere/
A lot of people are labeled socialists by the conservative right, but that doesn't mean they're socialists. This is a political move. There are different types of socialists. A socialist is not the same as a democratic socialist.

https://worldpopulationreview.com/count ... -countries
Democratic Socialism vs. Socialism
Both democratic Socialism and socialism advocate for a redistribution of wealth and power to meet public needs, not make profits for a few. Both aim to weaken the power of corporations and increase the power of the working people.

Democratic socialists, however, do not think the government should immediately take control of all aspects of the economy. Democratic Socialism focuses more on providing basic needs to all people, such as health care and education. Democratic Socialism, unlike Socialism, would achieve this through democratic means and not an authoritarian rule.
Thank you Tom, I am well aware of the differences, most of which look better when selling an ideal and not in practicality. I do not think that the mainstream press plus social networking sites, which reported with bias, lied by taking statements out of context, lied by omission, and censored your news will change what they feed us when we can find the ownership of most all of them as members of the World Economic Forum? I think not - there cannot be a democracy when the news is owned and shaped nearly in total by those with a different agenda. By the way, shaping the news has been a tactic used to establish 'whatever brand of socialism' there has been.

Socialism in any form remains an ideal, when in practicality it always redistributes the money and power to one class and crushes any middle class to a poorer one.

Socialism - the financial model historically used to control the masses! It has noting to do with
freedom, and seriously erodes the primary constitutional freedom of free enterprise.

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Re: Just wait, it'll trickle down

Post by The Butcher » Thu Jan 14, 2021 12:49 pm

Well it looks like the tickle down effect worked for the Trump organization. Inaugural dollars trickled right down into the Trumps’ pockets! Grifters got to grift!

https://www.politicususa.com/2021/01/14 ... ation.html

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