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Montana and QAnon

Posted: Sat Oct 17, 2020 5:30 pm
by iaafan
We’re really rising to the top. Borland family from Bozeman has donated $1 million to Trump campaign. Same bunch that caused fundraiser with Pence in attendance to be canceled.

Couple years ago justice o’ peace Michael Swingley (LC County) had this to say to a WaPo writer who made fun of QAnon:

"Whether Q is real or otherwise, there is a movement started by the hypothesis of a Q and somebody behind the scenes standing up for the average American citizen," Swingley wrote in the email. "Patriots are uniting against people just like you. Your world of fake news and liberal agendas that give away our country to foreigners and protect the Clintons and Obamas is coming to an end. Wait for it........... you pathetic, snobby ass."

QAnon believes JFK, jr is alive and said he’d be at Trump rally today.