Only "the best people" around Trump?

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The Butcher
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Only "the best people" around Trump?

Post by The Butcher » Wed Jun 24, 2020 7:50 am

In my life I have never been surrounded by the type of people Trump calls friends, supporters and employees. The list of those who have gone to jail is astounding and more are still under investigation. As noted in the article below,
“Presidents are surrounded by tens of thousands of supporters and hire hundreds of aides into various jobs – so it may be inevitable that some tiny fraction of them will run afoul of the law. But experts say Trump is amassing a record unusual for an American president – in that so many senior advisers have come under legal scrutiny.”
The “drain the swamp” mantra is absolutely laughable at this point. ... d=68358219

Now we have Barr who is destroying the Department of Justice from within. I am sure the GOP will once again turn a blind eye, but this is getting a little scary the lengths this Administration will go to serve their interests. ... ndex.html
Will our politically elected officials ever call for accountability before the damage is irreversible?

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Re: Only "the best people" aro und Trump?

Post by 77matcat » Wed Jun 24, 2020 7:58 pm

Ol 45 says one thing to appease or fan his bases anger then does what benefits him.

Duplicitous at best.

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