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Basic rules for the "Discussing the Issues" board

Posted: Tue Feb 17, 2015 2:17 pm
by SonomaCat
In an effort to make this area the most useful and educational forum it can be, and to try to prevent so many keystrokes being wasted on posts that have nothing to do with an intelligent discussion of issues, I am laying out some expanded rules for this forum. I'm sure all of these rules are the kinds of things that are universally agreed upon and will just help keep discussions on constructive tracks.

These rules apply to every, including me. So if you see me breaking any of these rules, call me on it. If you see another poster breaking any of these rules, please call them on it as well. We've kind of had a "Wild West" approach to this forum for quite awhile, and I don't want start with heavy-handed moderating now, either, so self-policing is definitely preferred.

1. Be respectful to all posters, even posters you disagree with (no name calling, personal attacks, etc.).

2. If you disagree with somebody's post, criticize the idea being posted, not the poster.

3. To the extent practical, stay on topic. If you have a comment that you know will take the thread in a completely new direction, consider just starting a new thread for that topic.

Re: Basic rules for the "Discussing the Issues" board

Posted: Tue Mar 24, 2015 12:50 pm
by SonomaCat
To reinforce the very sparse rules I laid out in the post above, please refer back to this much more detailed post with the same themes from the Bobcat board:


Of course, all of this is just a friendly reminder of this:


Fortunately, almost everybody that posts on already knows all of this and already behaves in the mature ways in which these rules desire. So it's largely a non-issue, with only occasional exceptions. Keep up the good conversations!