Spring 2020 Recruiting

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Spring 2020 Recruiting

Post by mslacat » Fri Mar 20, 2020 6:19 pm

This is going to be a very weird spring signing period coming up. The spring signing period starts April 15th. The NCAA, because Corona-virus , declared that from earlier this month to April 16th will be a "dead period" for recruiting. It is very likely they could extend that dead period longer if the situation does not improve. The "Dead Period" means coaches can not travel and recruit. Ussually from the first day there season is over coaches hit road to visit recruits, coaches and do home visits. They can not attend AAU tourneys, All-Star games etc either. Coaches can not leave campus for any recruiting activities. Furthermore Prospects are not allowed to take campus visits, which are usually critical in choosing a school. The only contact coaches can have with recruits is, letter, phone and internet (although there are normal limitations on these contacts as well). Initially I thought the dead also meant no phone calls but I have been told otherwise. This means our coaches will have to do the majority of their recruiting long distance. All NCAA coaches though are facing the same problems so we will not be at a big disadvantage. There are some coaches that are benefiting because they had foresight or got lucky) of having recruits in early. Idaho State brought a bunch of recruits in during the basketball season , before all this crap blew up and over the past few days have been getting some recruits to commit, which they have to feel good about. I think all of these events are going to stretch out the recruiting/signing into the summer for many schools.

We filled all of our open scholarships this past fall, but then we had 3 players transfer in the past week. To be honest I think for the most part the coaches were not surprised at all at the transfers. Since this January all 2020 recruiting efforts seem to be soley directed toward perimeter players. All of the players I have seen associate with the Bobcats have been scorers, even the point guards. With the exception of maybe 1 or 2 point guards all of the players have been big time 3 point shooters both in range and percentage. I would say 3/4 of these recruits were JC players and 1/4 have been high school recruits. Among the JC's the coaches seem to be looking at guards with three years eligibility. With two of the scholarships that opened up I am expecting the coaches are trying to land a point guard (who can score the ball) and then another shooting guard/wing who can score the ball especially from deep 3 point range. With in the last week or I have been noticing the coaches seem to be looking real hard at the transfer portal players. With one exception all have been big men in the 6-7 and 6-8 range. Some are banger and some are more your stretch forwards type of big men. All the potential transfer prospects seem to have a previous connection to one of our coaches. Which makes sence. I think with the 3rd scholarship the coaches would really like to sign a drop down transfer, who can sit out a year and then have a big impact on the team the following year. I have heard Haslam has been recruiting Europe and Australia pretty hard the past year. This next part is pure speculation by me, but if we did have some hot prospects we are /were chasing I am betting most of that has gone down the drain given, the current world events. I doubt we could get them in for a visit let alone into the United States this summer to play basketball

Binford filled all of her open 6 scholarships also this fall. Binford did not want to sign 6 high school players in this or any season, but as she said this class was too good to turn anyone down (isn't that a great position to in). That said the women's team always seems to have 1 or 2 underclass person scholarship open every spring, so you have to figure the same will happen this year. A month or so ago, I was given a name of a Washington prospect whom I am told has multiple d-1 offers on the table, but wanted to talk with the MSU coaches about playing here. I passed the name along and the response was (paraphrasing) "man we already have 6 freshman coming on next year, that is going to be a lot of teaching" . I think 6 freshman is their limit. If a scholarship or two opens up this spring my bet is Binford will look to sign a transfer who will sit out next year, or leave it open for next years class. BTW I heard this last fall and someone reminded me of it earlier this week. Binford said she felt 4 of her 6 fall recruits is capable of making the starting line up next year. Granted not all at the same time, but the potential is out there.

BTW Binford and her coaches have had this year recruiting class wrapped up for sometime,and they have been recruiting the 2021, & 2022 classes hard. Earlier this week we saw the first results of this work when 6-6 Lindsey Hein committed. I think there is another 2021 prospect out of Denver who has either quietly committed or is leaning super heavily to the Bobcats. I am wondering if she will again have all her scholarships for 2021 filled by mid summer again.

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Re: Spring 2020 Recruiting

Post by thefrank1 » Fri Mar 20, 2020 10:12 pm

as we saw when Danny and his team started last year, they clearly give players honest assessments of their situations and help them make decisions that are in the players best interest. This year is no exception.

While registering my vehicles the assessor stated "I have had both Cat and Griz students and alums work for me and the Griz end up working under the direction of the Cats."

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