When they update the wallpaper in The Brick

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When they update the wallpaper in The Brick

Post by joecat » Sun Jan 20, 2019 1:15 pm

Tyler Hall will be highlighted as the greatest Bobcat ever and it will be a shame his coach didn't get him to the tournament. A tournament team requires great guard play and MSU has two of the best in the country - not the Big Sky - in the country. Then they need defense and rebounding and a good scheme on both ends of the floor. Right now, Ricketts can't guard a fire hydrant and Neumann has the athleticism of a team manager. Their zone rotations are disorganized and their offense is get Hall the ball as clumsily as possible.
Would be good to see the Bobcats athleticism of Guliford, Quinlan and Kirby on defense with Hall and Frey shooting the lights out in some fast break offense. Guliford is not scared and looks like he could do something if he was on the court for more than two minutes and Quinlan has more FT attempts than Neumann in one-third the time played. Quinlan is the victim of the same force field surrounding the rim on lay-ups as Blevins but his 3 looks way better in warm-ups than Blevins 1 for 21 on the season and his defense has more hustle than anyone on the court. Lastly, the coaches should take the "No Dunking" signs off the backboard for Kirby and feed him Deandre Jordan highlights for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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Re: When they update the wallpaper in The Brick

Post by Helcat72 » Sun Jan 20, 2019 3:22 pm

In addition, Kirby should use the glass on layups and short shots around the rim. He tries to swish everything and hasn't hit the hole more than about 20% of the time. He should work with Harold....he's the one who knows how to use the glass!

It seems to me they know how to defense certain sets and offenses....but more than occasionally someone runs something that they can't defend and they give up basket after basket, and they look like they just hope for the time to run out if they are up by a couple of points. If they are behind, their offense might be effective, but they can't stop anyone. Why do teams get hot against us? We must give them confidence! Like I said before, they seem to know that if they survive our initial run, and make one of their own....the Cats will get nervous and wilt!

Fish tends to oversimplify the reason for the failures...either "we just missed those two rebounds" or "if only that one shot would have fallen" or "we have to play better defense" ....yea well duh!....DO THAT!

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