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Post by CelticCat » Sun Oct 24, 2004 12:58 pm

As bad of a game as he had vs SDSU, he showed that he never gives up. He usually has more rushing yard in the second half, because the guy is a horse. He wears defense's down. He is a good runner, he just has trouble holding onto the ball. I know a lot of you want him out, but I still think he is our best option. He picks up the pass rush very well, he can catch well too, and almost always pushes a pile forward. After being stuffed in the first half (I heard we had negative yards rushing), according to ESPN he ended up with 68 yards on the day, almost all of them certainly coming in the second half. He just wears the D down.

He is averaging 68 rushing yards a game (not great, but ample), and 34.5 receiving yards a game. So he is averaging 100 yards of total offense per game. Nothing to brag about, but he is solid over the course of a whole game. If he can just hold onto the ball... :D

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Post by BozoneCat » Sun Oct 24, 2004 1:24 pm

I like Domineck, too. I have to believe that Kramer is going to give him a rough week in practice, because we all know how much he hates it when guys put the ball on the grass. We had the same problem this time of last year with Molock, and he played great against PSU and UM, and didn't fumble once in those games. Domineck just has to get it in his head that you CANNOT give up the football. He also didn't do much in the first half, but that is not all his fault - the O-line didn't give him anything for holes, and no RB can do much without some help from a good O-line. You do have to like how he picks up tough blocks, and makes some really nice catches in the flat - some of those were pretty difficult grabs because Lulay didn't put the ball right on the money.

I talked to Morris Milton's dad at halftime, he said Morris was out this week and still recovering from injury - I think it is a shoulder injury of some sort. I told him that Morris has looked good when in the game, and to tell him to keep his head up and make the most of it when he gets the chance. His dad was really nice, I hope he is enjoying the games and Bozeman.



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Post by GavinDonos » Sun Oct 24, 2004 2:06 pm

I still wish one of these guys were redshirting... It is gonna hurt to lose both JD and MM after next year, and I never like squandering precious talent.

Oh well, this milk has been spilled, so I'll live with it.

What ever happened to Gathing, is he still recovering as well?

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Post by CARDIAC_CATS » Sun Oct 24, 2004 2:45 pm

GavinDonos wrote:I still wish one of these guys were redshirting... It is gonna hurt to lose both JD and MM after next year, and I never like squandering precious talent.

Oh well, this milk has been spilled, so I'll live with it.

What ever happened to Gathing, is he still recovering as well?
Gathing is out for the year with a knee injury I do believe. I like Domineck in there as well. He just needs to start tucking the ball away. I think the major reason why he is fumbling is how hard he runs, he 'attacks' the defense and fights for every yard. This is a good, thing .... but sometimes that extra yard is not worth it if you turn the ball over. I agree that he is a very good type back for this offense as the defense knows they are gonna need 1-2 guys to tackle him so they cannot just abandon the run. That leaves our WR'S/TE free to roam in secondary. This offense is turning into a very balanced "PICK YOUR POISON" offense I think. We just need to quit turning the ball over and making stupid penalties and this offense will start putting up big numbers!!

We now have 3 WR's that we can go to in the clutch, 1 TE and, RB and a QB who can scramble. A VERY NICE compliment of weapons I might add. WIth the time Lulay was getting yesterday, we have the guys that can definately move the chains. I think Kramer was VERY RIGHT in saying this team could be a FORCE at the end of the season (and that was before FORCE became a force on defense for us :).

We should have won this game 40-14 I think, if we cut our TO's/penalties out. You could see we were clearly the DOMINANT team on both sides of the ball I thought overall. SDSU's RB you have to give him credit though as he is a horse to bring down.

HUGE GAME THIS WEEKEND!!! This is gonna be a long week waiting for this game :( I can't wait!

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Post by El_Gato » Mon Oct 25, 2004 7:16 am

Although I have to say JD had a FAIR day on Saturday, the one thing that stuck with me most watching the game @ Bobcat Stadium was that I didn't see him break a single tackle. I never saw him lower his shoulder and attempt to run THROUGH the defender in front of him.

This isn't really a criticism or knock on JD, just my impression watching him carry the ball. The fumbles are inexcusable; good backs simply don't put the ball down that often. JD MUST solve this problem if he is to become our go-to guy on the ground.

Also, BIG dropped pass in 3rd quarter; would have gotten us to 3rd down & 2 or 3 to go if he catches that one.

The line on JD, I feel, is the same for the team as a whole: Too many mistakes to truly be considered a legitimate threat to 3-peat as BSC champs OR go deep in the postseason.

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