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Post by wbtfg » Mon Oct 18, 2004 4:30 pm

They didn't announce the Griz score after the Griz took the halftime lead. They showed it, but didn't announce. The fact is, I have always felt the staff have been petty toward the Griz. When I came down in 2003 for the BSC championship basketball game, my friends an I got nothing but grief from the staff at Brick Breeden. Likewise, I have a friend in the UM marching band, who reported the same thing when they would come down for the b-ball games. It's one thing for fans to do their thing (although the fans were certainly classy at that game), but a lot of what the staff does toward the Griz is extremely unprofessional. I'm not saying that the folks in Missoula are innocent in this matter (I honestly don't know), but it is unprofessional regardless of where it occurs.
Of course, I can tell you all stories about how Duck fans (and representatives) get treated in Seattle. So, I have heard far worse.
I agree that some of the athletics staff have been rude to some griz, but you have to realize that the same thing happens when the cats go to Missoula. It's a viscious circle.

Speaking of marching bands, I think in 2000 at the cat/griz football game in Missoula, our band had to stand on the sideline for the entire game, because UM "forgot" to set aside tickets for the band.

Also, I used to date a MSU cheerleader, and I remember a couple of years ago during cat/griz basketball in missoula when the cheerleaders were looking for their changing rooms they were pointed to the PUBLIC restrooms.

I'm sure the same things happen in Bozeman, my point is that it happens both places, and it probably isn't going to stop anytime soon.

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Post by theblackgecko » Mon Oct 18, 2004 8:38 pm

wbtfg, I agree things like that are bullhooey, regardless of where, when, or to whom they occur. I would like to see both programs work on treating the other with more respect, especially team representatives. I don't know exactly how it would start occuring, but it needs to, and mainly through attitudinal changes in the athletic departments. As a fan, I feel no pride in my athletic department's ability to mistreat others. Staff has the responsibility to be respectful, so that fans may follow their lead.
As an example, a lot of the things that have occured in the Washington/Oregon rivalry are over the line. Oregon players/fans/representatives have been mistreated in Seattle, and I have no doubt the Huskies will be mistreated in Eugene this year. Rivalry is good, but being nasty toward others isn't.

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Post by Tully » Tue Oct 19, 2004 8:28 am

The reason I keep hammering on this is because it would make the game day experience more enjoyable. We all know it has been difficult to do until the third and fourth quarters lately so every little bit helps.

in line with the gripes, why is it that we put up 31 points and still didn't get to sing the silly Lulay/Ole song?? because the anouncer is talking directly after touchdowns.

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Post by velochat » Tue Oct 19, 2004 8:42 am

The crowds have been big and enthusiastic at the start of the game, and then . . . the team lays an egg. The crowds need some first half success to stay into the game. Otherwise, why not tailgate until the 2nd half? The team has done nothing to entertain the fans in the first half of every game this season, which is becoming a tradition. The fans have done their part . . . Maybe the Cats should just spot their opponents 17 points and start with their backs against the wall, rather than wait for the 4th quarter. I don't expect similar miracles against EWU, NAU or um. The Cats will need to be good for at least 3 quarters.

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Post by hokeyfine » Tue Oct 19, 2004 9:07 am

when i was at the griz/isu game they gave one score of the cat game, when they were behind 17-0, and then nothing after that. of course the people around me were rolling in their seats. they lady in front of me was laughing so hard i thought she was going to wet herself.

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