Possible durham recruits?

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Possible durham recruits?

Post by mslacat » Tue Mar 30, 2004 9:28 am

Here are two athletes from Pensocola JC that it is said Durham is after at one time or another this last fall or this spring. Jelenic is a power forward who it was said Durham was after last fall, but it apears that Durham and company have backed off of. The second, Jennings, is a new face on the recruiting landscape, and while he could definately be a nice addition next year it does beg a few questions. Everything that I previuosly had heard is that Durham has only one scholarship to offer. The Bobcat basketball team really needs to sign a power inside player to replace Ento (this year) and Washington (last year) we will have only three returning inside player next year one who saw little action and another coming off back surgery. By doing the math in regaurds to the 5-8 rule, myself, and talking to MSU folk earlier this year would also confirm that MSU should have only one scholarship to offer, yet it apears this spring Durham is pursuing maore than a JC inside player. That said in an artical in the Trib a couple weeks ago it mentioned that Durham would sign one or two athletes this spring, which would seem to indiate that some of the things I have been saying this year have been in error. There is also the chance Durham is could try the same move he used with Owsley last year - if you sign this year I will give you a scholarship next year - a Whimpy move (Popeye refererce for you younger guys)-. Another could be that Martrel Johnson may deside to hang it up. I believe th 5-8 rule has a way to petition a waiver on the rule for seriuos medical conditions.

.........Now wasn't that really more than what you wanted to know.....

Anyway spring signing period is coming in about two weeks and it will be interesting to see what Durham manages to pull off. He really needs to come up big with what little accets he has.

Found this on the net.

One player who is on the fence between Division I and II programs is 6-7, 230 pound power forward/center Zoran Jelenic of Belgrade, Yugoslavia.

Marist, Wisconsin-Green Bay, Valparaiso and a number of Division II programs have contacted Swanson regarding Jelenic.

"Zoran is playing well now," Swanson said. "He shoots the three, posts up, and plays defense, but his ability to guard away from the basket is questionable."

.........Tim Jennings, a 6-4, 210 pound swingman, last played for Pensacola in 2002-2003. He sat out this year to graduate, and Swanson expects him to do so in the summer.

"He's 6-4 and very athletic," Swanson said. "His attitude has really changed for the better in the classroom."

High Point, Montana State and Jacksonville have contacted Swanson regarding Jennings.

JUCO Junction will continue to keep you abreast on the Pirate sophomores as they begin to make decisions in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

BTW Pensacola JC is the same school that produced Latovic and Montana's Steve Horne

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