3 Ton Jack Stands under the vehicle and repairing the car

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3 Ton Jack Stands under the vehicle and repairing the car

Post by kaolijack » Mon Oct 16, 2017 1:31 am

Cars break down, and when you are under the vehicle and repairing it, safety becomes the most important thing, both for you and for the automobile. There are a number of tools available in the market designed to ensure a safe working environment, and 3 Ton Jack Stands are among them.

One of the most obvious and common ways to keep yourself safe while lifting your car for repair is to ensure you have a good, high-quality floor jack. However, a floor jack alone can only help you so much. This is because floor jacks comprise of moving parts that are prone to damage and wear, and they can become weak over time or outright fail with time and use. The scariest and most dangerous part about floor jack letdowns is they typically come in the form of a slow leak.

As such, they are infamous for slowly letting a vehicle down on top of someone as the hydraulics drop pressure and the risk situation is usually noticed once the damage has been done and it becomes too late to escape. This is exactly why it is never a good idea to crawl underneath your car when the only support it has is from a floor jack. So, what else should you do to make an elevated car safe to crawl under? The answer is simple: add a 6 Ton Jack Stands.

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