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NHL in Seattle

Posted: Wed Jun 19, 2013 10:53 am
by WeedKillinCat
So it sounds like Seattle is trying to get the Phoenix Coyotes in Seattle. In my mind Phoenix was never a good spot for an NHL team, but does Seattle have a good hockey base there? Thoughts?

Re: NHL in Seattle

Posted: Wed Jun 19, 2013 11:51 am
I think is would do well. They seem to really get into the other teams in the town. This could also be a push to show the NBA that "We have every other major sports team here, why not NBA." I think the sonics never pushed for fans, until it was to late. If they get into Soccer that much, they will love Hockey.

Re: NHL in Seattle

Posted: Thu Jun 20, 2013 10:25 am
by SaxCat
I could see it. Seattle, Salt Lake, and Milwuakee are the only US cities left that I could see hockey working in.

I would put the front runners as Seattle, Quebec, or another team in Toronto.

Re: NHL in Seattle

Posted: Fri Jun 21, 2013 12:18 pm
by CelticCat
Seattle I believe would work. The Everett Silvertips get pretty decent attendance for a semi-pro team (around 6k a game or something). You see plenty of Canuck fans around here that would probably switch to a Seattle team I'd imagine.