MT Recruits - Tier 3

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MT Recruits - Tier 3

Post by VimSince03 » Sat Feb 01, 2020 9:10 pm

Tier 3 - "The Partials"

Prospects in this tier:

- have shown the ability to be partial-scholarship FCS football players out of high school (doesn't mean they'll get that offer)
- partial-scholarships range from covering nearly all to very little of their college costs so recruits at the top of this list are close to fulls
- will commonly receive full-scholarship offers from all the NAIA schools in-state and several other lower division schools out-of-state
- are considered elite NAIA players if they sign at that level
- may receive offers from both in-state FCS schools but it isn't a foregone conclusion both will offer
- will, at a minimum, receive preferred walk-on offers from Cats and Griz
- will commonly redshirt if they sign with a Cats or Griz
- may NOT redshirt if they sign with a smaller division school (DII, DIII, NAIA) and should push for playing time early (depends on position)
- are bordering on full-scholarship talent but are missing a few traits (athletic ability, size, smarts, technique, etc.) that likely will get developed
- commonly have been selected All-State multiple years at their position(s) during high school
- will commonly get selected as starters for both the Badlands Bowl and Shrine Game but selection committees don't bat 100% on getting it right every year
- have potential to be multi-year starters (FCS) in their careers with a good chance of being named All-Conference at least once

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