UM getting sued

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Re: UM getting sued

Post by TomCat88 » Wed Oct 23, 2019 9:18 pm

iaafan wrote:
Tue Oct 22, 2019 1:50 pm
Just checked egriz on this and it’s really troubling. In what world is it okay to not leave someone’s house when told to. If I’m in someone’s home and they tell me to leave, I leave. I think that’s what most normal, even normal drunk people would do.

But let’s say I didn’t and then I got into an altercation with the home’s owner and it’s broken up. At that point, even if I’m drunk, I’m gone.

But let’s say I don’t leave and instead I come back and punch the owner in the face fracturing his upper jaw, knocking out a tooth and loosening several other teeth.

Is everyone cool with that?

In this day and age, this guy Brown is quite frankly lucky that he didn’t get shot.

Somehow these Griz fans don’t seem to care at all about right and wrong. Justice doesn’t apply to their football players.

They seem to expect that someone with bills piling up at a rate much faster than the money they were awarded shouldn’t be able to seek relief through appropriate legal channels.

I would think Brown would have to take out a loan and then pay the bank back for the medical bills. He shouldn’t be able to essentially borrow money from Willison and pay him back.

This isn’t a bloody nose. It’s a serious injury. The court didn’t give the victim restitution, it gave him another problem.
I agree for the most part. I can’t understand how Brown isn’t paying the hospital directly. The bills shouldn’t be anything that Willison or his insurance should be dealing with. He should just go to the hospital, get worked on and that’s it. No collecting money from Brown or paying bills.

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Re: UM getting sued

Post by Topher » Sat Nov 09, 2019 12:47 pm

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Sat Oct 19, 2019 2:46 pm
Went to egriz to get their take on this. Strangely, I could not find one single post on this.
Probably because it happened over a year ago and the player served the mandated suspension per the code of conduct.
We’ve known about it since last year. It’s why Brown hasn’t sniffed the field. Many have asked why Brown isn’t playing or where he’s at (since he was a pretty big recruit, a Stitt recruit as well), well now they know. He hasn’t even been allowed to suit up this year.
So why not just kick him off the team? Keeping him around sure seems like a tacit endorsement. Bobby said things were going to be different this time around. That is, if you believe him. Spoiler alert, nobody outside of Missoula believes Bobby is capable of acting in anyone’s interest but his own.
Why didn’t Choate kick Nick Lasane off the team after back to back DUIs and arrests? Seems like a tacit endorsement.
I suppose I would agree with you if LaSane had punched a guy in the face after being told to leave his house and then causing $25,000+ damage in reconstructive surgery. But that’s not what LaSane did.

That’s a pretty lame argument.
Correct it is a lame argument as few have died from a punch to the face whereas LeSane endangered people's lives on the road...twice. Lord knows nobody in Montana dies from this behavior. (FWIW This is a total pot/kettle moment for me)

For the record, keep both on their respective teams, hold them accountable, and understand they are young men who need to learn from their mistakes and do better. That's what good leadership in my life did when I F'd up. Both of them are 100% replaceable, but I appreciate both coaches investing in them as people. Coincidence both involve alcohol?

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