Welcome to the new BobcatNation Homepage

The first step in the next generation of BobcatNation is complete.  The homepage has been reworked to give us a solid frontend to handle new content both from us and all of the Bobcat Coverage from Colter.  I apologize for having to do this mid-season, but we are going with what we have been dealt and taking this great opportunity that we have in front of us.  Due to the fact that this process is a bit rushed, you will notice that we are starting with the "function" side and will try to work as quickly as possible into the "form" side of things.  
A few things of note.  The new frontend for the homepage will use your BobcatNation forum login.  The user syncing process is not perfect yet, you should be able to login, though it has on more than one occassion taken a couple times to actually get logged in on the frontpage.  If you have any problems, please let me know here.  The second known issue right now is that when initially logging in from the message board, it is not carrying that login across to the main page.  I will work on getting this fixed ASAP but for now you may need to log into both.
Again, thanks to everyone for being patient with us as we work through the little bit of chaos here. We hope that the end result will be worth it for all of you.  Please let us know if you have any problems with any of the changes that were made tonight or in the future.