COMING SOON: Big changes coming for Bobcat Beat

Amateur athletics are more than games or matches; at universities, they are the road map and history of the educational institution. Collegiate sports have a presence that is documented in detail and the accomplishments are held in the rafters. It’s a part of the fabric of a community, a town, a state…especially the Treasure State.
When we first started Bobcat Beat, we wanted to provide coverage of entities many of you feel very passionate about. We wanted to do it like it should be done. We wanted to provide information in its entirety to as many readers as possible.
Now we have reached a crossroads. We knew it would come.
In November of 2012, Kevin Miller presented me with an opportunity. Neither one of us knew how long it would last. That opportunity turned into Bobcat Beat. Here we are 32 months later and it’s apparent there is an audience for online sports news covering the Big Sky Conference. Now we want to take what we’ve started and use it as the foundation to push our pursuit of providing the best coverage possible for our audience. We are excited to delve into a new adventure that we hope excites all of you as much as it excites us.
The first week of August, Brooks and I will launch a new independent sports journalism website called Skyline Sports. The site will include the new and improved Bobcat Beat. The website will also give us a chance to diversify our coverage and allow us to do things we think the state of Montana truly needs. The Treasure State is a place filled with mystique and rich storytelling opportunities that currently are dying without any record.
You will notice that subscriptions on the website have been turned off as of Wednesday morning. Brooks and I will not be taking any new subscribers until August. Skyline Sports will have a similar model to Bobcat Beat in the premium content for subscribers. Monthly and yearly content will be more readily available with a concise publication schedule.
For June and July, we will continue to publish content on Bobcat Beat free of cost. For those who have current subscriptions, we are working out the details to refund or renew your subscription in a new place. If you would like to speed up the process, please feel free to email me at
This is the first of several announcements we will make throughout the summer to keep you up to date with our progress. We wanted to get the word our there early in an effort to keep all our customers satisfied, straighten out any questions, satisfy all subscriptions and spread awareness of the dreams we are chasing with all our might.
Everything we have been able to accomplish is a testament to your enthusiasm for Bobcat athletics. For that, we cannot thank you enough. Passion is our common thread and we can’t wait for you to share this journey with us.
Colter and Brooks Nuanez