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Re: Hey Dubya?

Posted: Thu Apr 16, 2009 10:08 am
by whitetrashgriz
Common Cat wrote:Keep it up fellas, this is good reading for a boring day of work. It's like a heavy weight fight of internet egos. Continue on...

i guess. i made the monumental mistake in giving alpha ****** about fox news. like all of my posts, he got it, but something was lost on longhorn and this turned into a he-said he-said on a topic(politics) i could care less about! now, for whatever reason santa chimed in too. i will take the fault for this one. first for mentioning a radio station, and secondly for pissing and moaning. i'll bow out of this one. luckily it will only be a couple more posts from me before i'm sure longhorn and i will square off again. #-o