Cats vs. Sac State

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Re: Cats vs. Sac State

Post by WalkOn79 » Mon Jan 07, 2019 4:04 pm

kennethnoisewater wrote:
Mon Jan 07, 2019 1:59 pm
Blaming a game on the FT disparity is one of my biggest pet peeves in basketball. To me it's as amateur-ish as yelling "three in the key" 20 times a game. Sure it CAN be a factor, but it's as overrated a stat as the blocked shot IMO. Some teams guard more aggressively, some teams draw more fouls offensively. Sometimes players don't play with much discipline. I've seen it happen plenty of times when a team just underestimates an opponent and they're playing defense on their heels or biting on every ball fake or trying for an out-of-position rebound. I don't think the 2,000 fans in the cavernous Brick Breeden Fieldhouse influenced the officials. I doubt the officials just like Brian Fish more than an opposing coach. But I do believe if a coach is a prick to the officials (maybe the type that kicks a basketball after a game, I don't know), they're not going to get close calls as often.

I do believe officials sometimes make mistakes that influence games. But I've never seen that much of a disparity that didn't just mean one team was putting themselves in a position to foul more often. If that's not the case here, I'm sure the BSC will investigate and handle it. In that case, I'll eat crow. An officiating crew can't be that one-sided for 40 minutes for no reason and get away with it. I'll wait for the BSC's response to the game before I eat that crow though.
Totally agree. I reffed for 30 years and style of play almost always dictates the foul count. Not home or away or any other factor. I also agree that officials are human, and if one of the coaches is a dick, he or she is probably not going to get the benefit of many close calls.

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