2018 MHSA Class C 8-Man Playoffs (First Round)

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2018 MHSA Class C 8-Man Playoffs (First Round)

Post by VimSince03 » Fri Oct 26, 2018 3:06 pm

Top-side of Bracket

Scobey/Ophiem (#4 Eastern C) at Joliet (#1 Southern C)

Prediction: Joliet wins 32-28

Superior/Alberton (#3 Western C) at Great Falls Central Catholic (#2 Northern C)

Prediction: GFCC wins 40-29

Chinook (#5 Northern C B) at Fairview (#1 Eastern C)

Prediction: Fairview wins 54-6

Centerville (#3 Northern C) at Arlee (#2 Western C)

Prediction: Centerville wins 30-24

Bottom-side of Bracket

Darby (#4 Western C) at Shelby (#1 Northern C)

Prediction: Shelby wins 42-8

Circle (#3 Eastern C) at Hobson/Moore/Judith Gap (#2 Southern C)

Prediction: HMJG wins 50-34

Choteau (#4 Northern C) at Drummond/Granite (#1 Western C)

Prediction: Flint Creek wins 52-0

Ennis (#3 Southern C) at Culbertson (#2 Eastern C)

Prediction: Culbertson wins 38-22
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Re: 2018 MHSA Class C 8-Man Playoffs (First Round)

Post by MTCowpoke22 » Fri Oct 26, 2018 3:50 pm

Hoping for Scobey to pull the upset!

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